7 Tips to protect yourself from asbestos


Despite being a popular construction material, asbestos proves to be extremely detrimental to health.  Asbestos was extensively used in constructing, home insulation, and house shading all over the world before the 1990s. All these years, people were not well informed about its dangerous effects. But now, experts have clarified how asbestos can severely harm human health.

Where can you find asbestos?

You can find asbestos on house siding, drywall, ceiling and floor tiles, cement, and paints. Moreover, asbestos is present in industrial furnaces and heating systems, water boilers, and vehicle transmission items.

Despite having too many usages, asbestos can cause serious health issues like respiratory distress, cough, chest pain, reduced lung function, finger clubbing, etc. Moreover, asbestos can lead to asbestosis on prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers. This explains why homeowners go for asbestos decontamination, hiring professional asbestos removal agencies.

However, it pays to know some crucial tips that can protect you from the toxicity of asbestos.

Precautions you should take against asbestos

  1. Go for a renovation

Avoid old asbestos insulation that can release dust when transferred. Therefore, it’s better to leave undamaged asbestos-containing materials alone. Furthermore, if your home is old enough and hasn’t undergone renovation over a long time, arrange for one.

  1. Asbestos decontamination 

It is essential to perform asbestos decontamination every time at the end of any asbestos-related activity. It is particularly essential when you are potentially exposed to the asbestos component. All the asbestos-contaminated dust and debris must have to be collected in a safe place. The use of industrial vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters might appear to be worthwhile here.

  1. Use personal protection equipment

Using personal protective equipment (PPE) is highly recommended to decrease the chance of inhaling asbestos fibers when working or staying around such toxic substances. It will prevent any toxic particles from entering your lungs which may cause severe damage.

You can keep yourself fully protected by using safety equipment like a respirator, disposable gloves, or goggles while working in an environment containing asbestos.

  1. Keep the workplace clean

Keep the surroundings clean after working with asbestos materials. Besides, wash your face and hands properly to ensure that all potential asbestos-related substances are removed. Apart from that, collect all the used equipment, tools, and asbestos waste separately to reduce the chances of spreading.

  1. Cover the surrounding up 

Cover up the surrounding area, tables, chairs, sofas, and doors with a polythene sheet while asbestos construction or renovation work is under the way. Make sure that no one in your family enters the workplace without having proper safety equipment. 

  1. Hire qualified employees 

Always seek the help of skillful and qualified professionals for asbestos removal. As they have sufficient knowledge in that field, they can accomplish the asbestos removal job conveniently. Besides, their advanced technologies, high-end tools, and equipment prevent asbestos dust from being released into the air.

  1. Further precautions

 Do not saw, scrape, or drill asbestos-containing materials. Try to avoid abrasive brushes to strip wax from asbestos flooring. Make sure to install a new floor covering over the old asbestos flooring while replacing it. Never sweep, or vacuum debris that contains asbestos in it.

How to hire the best asbestos removal professional?

Always go for an asbestos removal firm that has proficiency in repairing, replacing, or removing asbestos. Before proceeding, inquire the asbestos professionals about their certificate of professional training. Each worker must provide proof of delegation before getting involved in asbestos work. Moreover, you can check the official website, client testimonials, and past performance reviews of your selected asbestos professionals to get a comprehensive idea. Do not forget to verify their safety standards during their work to ensure that your project is in the right hands.