Advantages and Losses of Technology


At this time people cannot imagine their lives without technology. Around us various technologies help people live their lives more luxurious. The technology sector has changed and developed many products. This technology provides many advantages but also has several disadvantages. Here we will discuss both –


There are some technological advantages such as

Easy to live – with technology machines people get help in each sector. Cars and bicycles help people to reach a fast place. Plane and super fast trains have decreased distances between cities and countries. Computers and the Internet provide information in the simplest way has also changed the way of communication. Now people do video conferencing and chatting to communicate with friends and their families using communication technology.

Lower errors – machines help people make a lower mistake. Robots or machines work accurately and you only need to program it with the right information. As in automotive production, most manufacturing companies use automatic machines that follow computer instructions or people who operate machines. And all work is done perfectly.

Time save – technology saves our time, for example you can fly anywhere in the world in a lower time. With computers you can do any work in a lower time and also help improve quality and give advice. The machine helps people in the kitchen too – like an oven and this also saves time.


Everyone knows that technology is very helpful but also has some weaknesses. Because many companies have adopted automatic machines so they can increase their production with accuracy. As a result, many people lose their jobs.

Likewise the home servant lost a job because the robot engine was doing their work. The owner needs to pay once only while the maid is paid every month.

But the machine and robot looks cheap and good to use but, when technical problems occur in a machine or robot, it takes a lot of time to fix it and can also be expensive.

When we find that in the technology sector, there are many advantages and disadvantages, even then people cannot imagine their lives without technology including me.