Exercise Benefits: Reasons to Achieve Fitness and Stay Fit


Immediately after the Christmas and new celebrations, it might be true to say that the fitness center becomes very busy, the amount is enhanced by everyone who clearly enjoys themselves for the celebration period but realizes that they have obtained some extra pounds in unwanted body weight ,

Are these people there because of their appearance? Is it because they don’t like changes in their appearance that has happened for the previous five weeks? Five weeks? Well, while Christmas and New Year only lasted only one week or more, the celebration usually starts about a month before the actual festival itself. Quite a lot of unwanted weight can be obtained during that time.

Previous paragraphs showed a rather cynical and pessimistic point of view. Maybe the visitors to the fitness center really go because they know that they need to get full benefits from sports. However, the number usually falls back to their normal level from the end of February and so on. Perhaps the new year’s resolution was founded in fear not so trim than in appreciation about what the full benefits of the exercise.

Then, what are the full benefits?

Of course, if there is an overweight, their interest in reducing unwanted pounds but not only for appearance. A better appearance is just the desired secondary exercise.

Real reasons for exercising must be as follows.

1. To lose unwanted weight (eg fat!) Yes, because of the benefit of general health; Specifically losing weight reduce tension in the heart and can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

2. To improve the general health of the body to avoid, for example, osteoporosis, poor digestion, lower back pain and difficult to sleep.

3. To increase muscle tone for good posture, to be able to overcome harder work, to increase stamina, strengthen the heart and lungs, reduce the possibility of cancer, help prevent high blood pressure etc.

4. To increase the balance and flexibility of joints.

5. To maintain good mental health because exercise helps us to deal with more efficiently with anxiety, stress and even depression.

Sometimes thinking that exercise to utilize all these benefits needs to be done at a fitness club but this is not really so. Joining a fitness club has its benefits. Members can get professional advice from fitness trainers, advice according to their needs and for their initial fitness level but the actual needs for traveling to the fitness center and to join others doing the same thing can be a motivating factor. There can also be social benefits of membership.

However, the more fit can be achieved without joining such a center even though it is recommended to recognize three important requirements.

1. First, check with the doctor that certain types of exercise will not worsen the existing negative health conditions.

2. Get advice from reading or watching a DVD fitness before starting to exercise. To get maximum results, it is best to prepare a program in advance.

3. Age also needs to be remembered. Obviously, a very active 18-year-old potential is not the same as the 50-year-old who was previously studied. However, it is also true, that 70 years old – Yes, a 70-year-old child can benefit from making fit alone at home or in the gym – that 70 years old may not reach as much as 50 years old who settled there must be an exception with that assumption ,

4. Remember also, that healthy diet is an important factor in being fit and stays fit. There is more about this on my website

In short, common sense needs to win. Get written or oral guidance, start gently and has a reasonable destination, can be achieved. If all these factors are considered that a healthier life achieved will lead to a happier life.