How Can A VR Service Help My Salon?


It has been observed that most of the salons miss approximately 20-25 calls from customers in a day. But, the main income of a salon fully depends on the number of customer they have entertained. So, if it failed to pick up 20-25 calls per day, then can you imagine the amount of loss?

To help with this issue, the plan of hiring a virtual receptionist will be a perfect decision. If you are still wondering if it will be an extra expense then let us tell you about the importance of hiring a VR service for a salon.

·  The advantage of getting information over a chat

A recent survey proved that almost 79% of people desire to have a text communication before checking out the company as it caters a sense of attention to them. Now, providing the text service to the new clients is almost impossible for the front desk as he has to do lot of things. By hiring a VR the salon can easily provide basic information about the services provided by the salon. Therefore, the possibility of attracting more customers will become higher.

·  The ease of fixing booking at any time

With such a busy life, it often becomes difficult for people to get the booking done at the desired time of the parlour. Approximately, 30% people like to book the slot after the close of business hours. So, again you are losing chance of grabbing more customers. An automated VR can help you round the clock service. Whenever a customer calls or likes to book his slot then the service can help to fix the appointment even after the close of business hours.

A VR service for a salon will minimise the number of disappointed customers and they can easily track the services of your salon. Moreover, a happy customer will bring more clients as well as good revenue.