Josh Melick – How a Sales Comp Plan Will Keep Your Sales Team Happy


Josh Melick has written a brilliant article recently about how sales companies can design a high quality and well structured sales com plan for their teams. Throughout the article Josh discusses the need to deliver on the plan, to structure it well for high selling team members and to set a clear floor which seller must pass in order to begin earning commissions.

With this piece from Josh in mind, we want to talk a little today about exactly why these sales comp plans keep your sales team happy. This is of course assuming that they are well structured and that they are implemented well by the company.

Making More Money

The most obvious reason as to why your team will be happier if they work with a great sales comp plan is that they are going to be able to make so much more money when they are driven. This of course is great for the business too, as it will also make a great deal of extra cash. People need more than just money from their jobs of course, but the large majority will struggle to find issues with their jobs when they are receiving a healthy pay packet each month.

Healthy Competition

Anyone who thinks that competition in a business is a bad thing is missing the point when it comes to productivity. This is because the reality of the situation is that healthy competition should be welcomed, especially if you have got the recruitment process right. Within your sales team you want reps who are trying to outdo their colleagues, because this means that you are going to be able to count on higher sales. Not only this but it creates relationships within the business and generally improves staff morale.

All Smiles

When sellers are doing their job and selling high volumes, this means that the management don’t have to work as hard in inspiring and encouraging the staff to get their fingers out and work harder. This results in a much better relationship between the staff and the management, which is good for everyone in the workplace.

Revisiting Your Plan

Something else which is critical here is that you revisit the plan which you have created for your team, on a regular basis. The one thing which could disrupt a happy workforce is a competitor offering better deals than you are, and a smarter plan for its staff. This could see them aim to poach some of your employees, which is why it is up to you to deliver a high quality plan for those employees.

Setting up the plan only gets you halfway there, you also need to ensure that you are highly focused on reviewing it and making sure that you implement it as and when you have said that you will. In doing this you can make your workforce happy, and keep them that way in order to continue selling high volume.