Keeping Cool in New York City – Tips from Arlo Hotel


Summers are great in New York City. Visitors can get a slice to go, walk through Central Park, and enjoy the greenery and vibrancy of summer days. While the city shines during summer, it is quite hot and humid. At Arlo Hotel, we hear many ambitious visitors talk about walking from the financial district to the Upper West Side and back again in just a day. We applaud this amount of walking, but when it’s 92 degrees, and at 95 percent humidity, even the most in-shape guests will run out of gas.

To beat the summer heat, we often recommend various activities in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. One of our staff’s favorites is to stop into an outdoor bar area and grab a boozy blended drink. It’s the perfect way to reset, cool off, and head back out into the city.

Another way to cool off is to get out on the water. You can rent a boat in Central Park at the Loeb Boathouse, take the Staten Island Ferry and enjoy amazing views, or kayak on the Hudson and enjoy the city views and cooler temperatures.

When you need ocean breezes to cool off and take a break from the city, head out to one of the amazing local beaches. Some of our favorites include Fort Tilden Beach in Queens or the massive Jones Beach in Long Island. Any of our area beaches are a great escape from the city’s heat, so enjoy the surf for an afternoon and come back to Arlo Hotel for evening drinks and relaxation. Our AC is always running strong during summer, so you can cool off and enjoy a break before going out for the night.