Ken Julian Explains the System of Thrift Store Shopping


In simple terms, thrift shopping refers to the process of going to shop at a garage sale, thrift store, or flea marketing, where gently used or second hand goods are sold at highly discounted rates. Ken Julian says that even though these items are used, they tend to be in a good enough shape to prove to be useful for a new owner. He further mentions that this system of shopping can be ideal for creative dressers who love to experiment with their personal style, as well as budget conscious individuals who love to enjoy high value for every penny spend. At a thrift store, one may also find individuals who have an innate love for unique, creative and artistic items.

At a thrift store, people can find a varying range of items, ranging from clothing and furniture to distinguished household goods. Ken Julian mentions that all of these are sold at discounted rates and usually are donated by the people of the local communities. Thrift shopping can be a great way to discover interesting items and give a new life to old goods. Just because these items are old, does not mean that they have outlived their usefulness. A great number of things sold at thrift stores can be used effectively for several more years. As these stores are full of off-season and vintage items, they tend to be quite fun to explore. No one knows what they may come across at a thrift store. Moreover, even after shopping a lot at a thrift shop, the bill paid by a person shall be considerably low than it would be at a retail store.

There are many reasons why people love to shop at a thrift store, apart from the cost advantages it provides. The thrill present in this shopping system especially makes it stand out among others. As know one might exactly know what goods they may come across at a thrift store on a certain day, this shopping process ends up being some sort of a treasure hunt more often than not. Thrift stores also magnetize a good number of creative people who envision the history of the goods being sold there in their minds, especially the vintage items. Ken Julian says that thrift stores are the perfect places to find items that one may not get anyone else in the city, such as vintage designer clothes at half prices and board games that have gone out of circulation. Finding collectible items and valuable jewelry is all too common at a thrift store.

As opposed to the typical retail stores that have dedicated inventory delivery and stocking days, thrift stores rely on donations and can accept them any day at any time.  Moreover, as such stores are selling and restocking goods constantly; one could shop there on a Monday and Friday of the same week and find almost a completely new inventory.