Know more about five fitness components


The previous fitness was attached to someone’s ability to do something. But aspects of physical appearance and the body are also increasingly important in fitness conceptualization. In short fitness, in short, the absence of physical and mental illness. If you really want to know the secret of health, you must know five fitness components.

Some important things when someone is considered physically healthy. In addition, doing every day human work requires energy and concentration of mind. This energy when left, even after you are done with all the work that must be done every day shows the level of fitness. There are five fitness components needed to define physical fitness. It doesn’t matter some exercises and control weight, it requires more than two secondary steps.

According to experts, five fitness components are: cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscle resistance, flexibility and body composition. When the first three components are increased in the human body, the weight is controlled and fat is burned into the energy needed. Cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and resistance are responsible for your body efficiency and mind, and the increase in this case will bring a positive effect on your health. To understand these components in depth will tell you the importance of each.

Cardiovascular fitness is also known as Kardio’s respiratory resistance that refers to the ability of the body that provides nutrition and energy for all body tissues, organs and cells. This fitness component is ensured when you run longer or swim regularly. Swimming and running provides oxygen and energy to all parts of the body that will contribute to Cardio Fitness. Aerobics is the best way for women to increase their cardio respiratory resistance.

Muscle strength can be defined as muscle strength to exercise or exploit power. The more strength is applied by the muscles, the more strengths are obtained. This fitness component can be increased with the right work in the gym if you don’t do heavy housework or physical work in routine life.

Muscle resistance refers to the style applied for a long period of time to carry out a task related to a specific style. To maintain muscle resistance which is usually done by people sitting and push up. Lift yourself up on your arms and hang for a long time where you try to lift your body on your arm can also be considered as muscle resistance activities.

Increasing flexibility in your body will ensure your joints such as with greater flexibility you can bend your body. This is good for the health of the backbone.