Learning to Manage Grief with “Thriving Through Seasons of Grief” from BCFS Staff Member Kathleen Maxwell–Rambie


At BCFS Health and Human Services, we provide support for people in challenging circumstances. This includes our natural disaster and health emergency work and our foster and adoptive parent support. One of our staff members, Kathleen Maxwell-Rambie continues our mission of helping people through “Thriving Through Seasons of Grief: How to Overcome Life’s Disappointments, Change and Loss.” With this book, Maxwell-Rambie uses her personal experience to help grieving people overcome loss and move forward with purpose and happiness.

A BCFS Health and Human Services staff member since 2011, Maxwell-Rambie is a dedicated part of the team, working in development, community services, and communication. After losing her husband of thirty years, and going through a lengthy grieving process, she realized many people do not have tools to overcome personal loss. She knew grief is a universal process and event, and this makes the lessons in her book apply to everyone at some point in their lives. She noticed through her own process that many people were hesitant to discuss grief. She encourages readers to talk about grief transparently and frequently, so they can share their pain and thoughts with others. Throughout the book she gives people in crisis a set of skills they can use their entire lives, as they face the death of a loved one, or another personal challenge.

The book defines grief, discusses why it’s so impactful and traumatic, and details the various challenges that grief presents. It also provides the reader with hopeful messages about the healing power of grief, and ways people can move ahead with their lives with positivity. People who need help with grief can find the book at various outlets including Barnes and Noble,, the iTunes store.