SAP Consultancy – Power Users For Implementing SAP Solutions


Today, SAP Business Portal application and its related SAP ERP are among the most widely used ERP tools worldwide. The users of SAP are increasing day by day. If SAP is implemented correctly then it can increase the efficiency of your company. Many Companies today are migrating from VISA to SAP. This migration can help in cutting down the cost per user and thus improving your bottom line.

Tips for successful implementation: Each and every project has a unique requirement and the same applies for SAP. Hence, some days spent in SAP implementation misses a whole week in later stages and a few months in early stages. Beside the integration of a single SAP Project Manager with his/ her successor in your organization; it’s always recommended that you should separate at least one or maximum 3 experts (as per Succession Plans) for each project from the rest. The Project Leaders and Project Mangers can track down problems, suggest solutions and get involved in daily business operations

Tips for successful implementation: The Project Leaders should take up the entire project responsibility for day to day planning and execute the methodology consistently. Consultants should be regularly engaged for tips and for guidance. Some of the other tips for successful implementation of SAP include regular business reviews, regular testing of the strategy and application, engagement of the consultants for regular updates on methodology, etc. The project preparation activities include choosing the appropriate data sources, conducting exploratory analysis, usage of appropriate language, proper formatting and validation, identification of data sources, the usage of all the features available and their configuration, use of all the project accounting tools, etc.

Tips for successful implementation: If you go for independent project management services, it’s better if you get the help of consultants for better efficiency and cost management. Some of the independent consultants for SAP do not charge any fees for the initial assessment of the business processes. Once the assessment is done and the solutions found to be in accordance with the requirements of the clients, the Project Leaders can discuss the implementation details with SAP management. Consultants who work independently will give you more time for understanding the methodology, as well as for collecting required information for implementing the solutions in a smoothly manner. This will save a lot of money, time and effort.

Tips for successful implementation: A successful SAP implementation requires careful planning, early initiation of activities and close monitoring. Since the success of the project lies in its execution, it is essential that the implementation can run as planned, with few if any interruptions. Therefore, the master data must be available in a clear format, so that all the necessary modifications can be made without causing any errors. In addition, an efficient and updated master data database is crucial for a smooth running solution manager.