Sometimes Retirement Is Not For Everyone & It Shows.


If you are an emergency first responder, then it is very likely that retirement is not something that you are particularly looking forward to. You have led an exciting working life up until this point and it’s only fair that you would like it to continue. However, the rules are the rules and you have to take retirement, whether you want to or not. There isn’t an alternative and so what you need to do is to hang up your boots, and put on your slippers. In the normal scheme of things, people genuinely look forward to the retirement because it gives them opportunities to do everything that they’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t due to job commitments. This is the perfect opportunity to cross off the things on the bucket list that they have wanted to do before they die.

However, many first responders who are on an EMT retirement plan do not relish the day when it finally comes. Many feel that they still have a lot to offer and they have done so much for the organization that they work for, and now they are being asked to just walk away. For many, the money that they have been putting away on a monthly basis for the past 40 years has not built a substantial enough nest egg for them to retire comfortably. The transition from a working life to retirement life can be quite difficult, and so it is important that there are services that they can turn to, in order to help them to make the transition smoother. The following are just a few of the many services provided.

  1. The creation of a plan – The payments for their pension just cannot automatically from the salary and most first responders didn’t even give it a second thought. They figured that there would be enough money there to help them through the retirement years until it was time to check out. They can be quite a surprise when they find out that the pension plan doesn’t meet their expectations, and in many cases doesn’t even come close. This is when they need assistance from first responder retirement service providers in order to help them create a financial plan that works for them. 
  1. Assistance with health and happiness – Going from a life that was non-stop excitement to one where nothing really happens can be a difficult move indeed. Some first responder retirees find it difficult to step away from the job that they have been doing for over 40 years, and so it leads to depression and anxiety. This will have a detrimental effect on the overall health and so it is important that they have someone to talk to about the negative aspects of retirement, and hopefully help them to get through it fairly unscathed. 

These services are available to everyone who wants them, and all it takes is a quick email or a phone call to get the help that you need.