Student Housing Hotspots for 2022 and Beyond – Nelson Partners


As the demand for student accommodation increases and university towns become more popular, Nelson Partners has identified the key areas that will be in high demand over the next few years.

Birmingham, Alabama

The first area is Birmingham, which offers good value for money and a lively social scene. Investment in new student housing schemes is already underway, with 1,500 new beds due to be completed by 2022.

Oxford, England

Oxford is another town that is in high demand of student housing. The city’s lively nightlife and proximity to the University of Oxford make it a popular choice for students. However, there is currently a shortage of accommodation in Oxford, so new developments are sure to be snapped up quickly.

Liverpool, England

The next area is Liverpool. Its buildings date back to the 18th century, and its nightlife is famous among students. New developments are scheduled to open here in 2022.

Austin, Texas

Thanks to its live music scene and affordable housing, Austin is a popular destination for students. Over the next few years, 2,500 new beds are set to become available in the city.

Bristol, England

Bristol is home to two world-renowned universities, and its lively arts scene makes it a popular choice for students. More than 1,000 new beds are scheduled for completion by 2022.

Columbus, Ohio

The next area is Columbus. As well as being home to two universities and offering affordable housing, the city has excellent sports facilities and high quality of living.

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is another area identified as a hot spot for student housing. It is home to one of France’s most prestigious universities, and its wine industry makes it a must-visit destination for oenophiles.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a popular choice for students thanks to its year-round warm weather and selection of world-class universities. It also offers good value accommodation. Students in the LA area currently pay around $1,500 for a room in university-owned accommodation.

Paris, France

The next area is Paris. It offers affordable student housing and proximity to three universities with good reputations. The city’s nightlife also makes it very popular among students.

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

The next area is Dallas/Fort Worth. Thanks to its low cost of living and good job prospects, the area is becoming increasingly popular with students. There are currently around 2,000 beds available in the area, but this is expected to grow significantly in the next few years.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is identified as a key area for student housing due to its growing economy and excellent universities. However, there is currently a shortage of accommodation in the city, so new developments are sure to be popular among students.

Montreal, Canada

The final area identified by Nelson Partners is Montreal. It offers affordable student housing and proximity to four world-class universities. The city’s vibrant arts scene and French-speaking culture also make it a popular choice for students. Additionally, Montreal is a very walkable city, which is ideal for students who don’t have a car.

These are just some of the areas that Nelson Partners has identified as being in high demand for student housing. So if you’re looking for accommodation near a university town, be sure to keep an eye on these areas, as they’re likely to have the most availability in the next few years.