The advantages of commercial propane


The commercial and industrial sectors in Canada witness the use of various fuels based on specific business needs. However, propane in particular, seems to have gained widespread popularity. In case you own or manage a facility, choosing the right energy source is crucial in ensuring the success of your business.

What makes propane perfect for commercial applications?

Propane is clearly a great fuel for various business and industrial applications. Several factors distinguish commercial propane from other energy sources:

  1. Energy costs

You might want to remember that a major chunk of your company’s expenses consists of utility bills, including money spent on energy. The operating costs are low for propane appliances and propane happens to be an extremely energy-efficient fuel. Propane furnaces generate about 30% more energy than oil-fueled furnaces by combusting the same volume of fuel. This can have a major impact on your company’s expenditure by bringing down the energy costs.

  1. Safety

The safety of your employees should be of paramount importance to you, regardless of the industry. Propane happens to be far safer than many of the alternatives, including natural gas, diesel, gasoline, electricity, etc. Thanks to its natural characteristics, propane has a high ignition temperature, reducing the chances of fire hazards. This makes propane one of the safest fuels for commercial applications.

  1. Large scale operations

While choosing a fuel for a commercial establishment, it is necessary to consider the scale of operations. Propane is perfectly suitable for various large-scale operations in commercial environments too. For instance, propane heating is quite effective in keeping large commercial spaces warm during winter.

  1. Clean source of energy

In contemporary times, eco-friendliness is a major concern across various industries. By putting forward your business as a company that cares about the environment, you can put create a good impression. Besides helping to protect the environment, it also helps to improve public relations. Burning propane generates far less greenhouse gases, toxins, and carcinogens than other fuels. In fact, propane is one of the cleanest fuels out there.

  1. Versatile usage

Propane can serve a variety of functions in a commercial environment. For instance, you could use propane to run backup generators, forklifts, heating equipment, and more. Thus, propane is a viable energy source for a wide range of commercial applications and can cover various business requirements with ease. The versatility of propane as a commercial fuel is yet another factor that makes it perfect for the industrial sector.

  1. Reliability

A reliable source of energy is crucial for any commercial establishment. Being unable to run business operations properly can lead to severe losses. As long as you keep your propane tanks stocked, you shouldn’t face any problems. Even if an issue in the power grid shuts off the supply of electricity, propane-fueled heaters and other appliances would keep running. This makes propane an extremely reliable choice for commercial applications.

Is propane suitable for your business?

While propane is indeed a good choice, you might be wondering if it is a viable option for your business in particular. Thankfully, this fuel works for a wide range of commercial establishments, including:

  • Restaurants, for heating rooms and providing a constant supply of hot water.
  • Factories, to power boilers, forklifts, generators, etc.
  • Laundries, for running clothes dryers.
  • Restaurants, for cooking and heating purposes.
  • Construction sites, to help keep the workers warm.

These are only some of the businesses and industries that could use propane as a permanent or temporary source of energy. If you are unsure, you can always consult one of the leading propane companies in Canada and see if they can suggest a solution suitable for your business.