The easiest way to cook Quinoa


Quinoa Super wheat is rarely used in most recipes and it is quite rare in most kitchens. It could be because it is not easy to find, except in health stores or as an alternative, it could be because many people feel intimidated and not quite confident to try to cook for their food. This item is actually quite versatile if you know how to prepare it. In fact, it can be really tasty and delicious, not only healthy.

Inca might know something when they find Quinoa because these grains are not only high protein, gluten free and mineral height and vitamins. This is an extraordinary substitute for rice and not only healthier, it also feels better than plain bland rice. This is a good side dish for the main course of steaks to fish fillets. The best of all, it can also be prepared for salads and soup.

One of the easiest ways to cook Quinoa is to use rice cookers. Yes, it can be cooked in a rice cooker! All you need to do is cook it in the same way as you cook rice. You only need to enter a quinoa cup with two cups of water, turn on the rice cooker and let your own cooking. If you don’t have a rice cooker, you can use the pot on the stove. Let Quinoa boil through medium heat for about 20 minutes or until fully cooked. You know it’s cooked when it looks soft and is no longer small and hard.

Cooked Quinoa looks very similar to Roe fish, except the color. The texture is almost like a Roe fish too so it can be considered a vegetarian version of Fish Roe! Of course, it doesn’t have a fishy smell or any kind of smell at all. In fact, Quinoa has this fun bean taste that makes it much better and refreshing than eating plain star rice.

Another way to cook as one meal is to put it in a combat pan with several carrots, potatoes, celery, minced chicken, fresh herbs, pure tomatoes and two cups of chicken stock. Let cook overnight slowly and the next day, you have your own quinoa and chicken stew. This is a complete food with protein and vegetables and you will definitely like it especially if eaten with several croutons.