When to go for a flat roof?


Planning to replace your roof or install a new one on a home you are building? Well, in that case you might be considering whether you should go for a flat roof. There are a number of perks that flat roofs offer, making this type of roofing popular. You would want to make sure that you are making the right choice by installing a flat roof.

Factors to consider before installing a flat roof

Before you decide to install a flat roof, you would have to take certain factors into consideration. It is necessary to make sure that a flat roof is really the right choice for your home. The factors that would help you determine whether you should go for a flat roof include:

  1. Precipitation

One of the key aspects that determine whether you should choose a flat roof or a sloped roof is the climate in your region. Flat roofs may not be very suitable in areas with extremely high precipitation, especially snowfall.

  • Heavy snowfall can put immense pressure on a flat roof by stacking up on top.
  • Hail and heavy rainfall can cause impact damage to a flat roof if it isn’t strong enough.
  • Standing water might be a problem with flat roofs

Thus, a flat roof is more suitable for areas without heavy snowfall. You may still remedy heavy rains by choosing high-quality coatings that can withstand standing water and weather elements.

  1. Temperatures

Apart from rain and snowfall, you would also need to consider the average temperature in your locality while choosing a roof. Choosing the right roof can help you maintain a comfortable ambient temperature in the building.

  • Sloped roofs have more space inside for stagnant hot air to build up.
  • A flat roof with the right coat can offer excellent insulation.

If you live in a region with an uncomfortably hot climate, a flat roof, would be the logical choice. It would also prove to be energy efficient by reducing the energy spent on cooling the home.

  1. Space

Space efficiency is something that you might be looking forward to enjoy. Every homeowner likes to utilize all the available space as best as possible. A flat roof can be extremely beneficial in this aspect.

  • A flat roof offers more space underneath for storage, such as attics.
  • You could use the rooftop as a garden or outdoor lounge.
  • It is possible to build a small room, such as an office on a flat roof.

If you are looking for a space-efficient solution, a flat roof is the way to go. It would add much more usable space to your home.

When is the best time to install a flat roof?

Unless you need to install or replace a flat roof immediately, you might be trying to figure out the best time for it. Different times of the year present specific advantages or challenges, which makes it logical to pick the right one for a smooth experience.

  • Fall: This is when most people get their roofs installed. A new roof would be better at protecting your home against the cold weather in the winter. Moreover, the comfortable weather during the fall helps the workers carry out the job better.
  • Spring: Spring is the next most popular time of the year for installing flat roofs. Like fall, Spring offers a comfortable environment too. However, heavy rainfall during spring can pose a problem.
  • Winter: Winter might not be a great time to install a new roof. While roofers are more readily available in winter, you might not want to have your existing roof opened up in the cold weather.
  • Summer: As summers are relatively dry, rain isn’t an issue while installing a roof. However, the flat roof installation team might face challenges due to high temperatures.

Get in touch with a reliable roofing company near you and seek their advice on when to get your roof installed. They should be able to help you decide whether a flat roof is the right choice for your home, too.