Wireless Charging for Your Power Tool – EcoUpled Technology


It is the end of a long and cold day at work and you are hungry. There is a nice boiled hot pan at home in a combat pan but you are still cleaning after a difficult day. Imagine this: Instead of having to make sure all your power tool chargers come out and connect, you just put a cable drill and see circular to the work desk in your garage or pocket filling in your truck. Don’t remove the battery. Don’t find specific chariaries, just throw a lot of tools to the charging station and go your own a bowl of hot soup. The Bosch tool is clearly the lead from the curve in this game. They have partnered with fulton innovations, creators and exclusive licenses of intelligent wireless power, to bring users wireless charging power tools for wireless tools.

But how wireless ecoupled technology charges your power tools, you wonder?

The type of battery charging that we use is called direct cable charging or conductive charging. Conductive charging requires direct electrical contacts between batteries and chargers. You plug the battery into the charger connected to an electrical outlet or you plug the device into the resource (which is connected to the outlet).

Wireless charging uses induction filling. Induction coil, one is placed on a device (power tool) and one is placed at the charging station station, working with magnets as far as they can draw (send messages to) with each other without touching. Basically, the induction coil creates an alternative electromagnetic field from the Pangkalan Pangkalan Station, and the second induction coil in portable devices (power tools) takes power from the field and turns it back into an electric current to charge the battery, basically creating an electrical transformer.

The manufacturer states that: smart, two-way communication makes this device run on peak efficiency without reducing the battery life or device life. That’s where EcoUpled technology has a role – this is wireless but with a smart control system that monitors power flow to ensure efficiency and security.

The benefits of wireless charging are safe, efficient and comfortable. There is no cable or open contact between charging surfaces and products. EcoUpled technology, or wireless charging, transferring power with a level of efficiency greater than 90%. And, there are no more amounts of chargers and adapters, tools can be charged by just placing them on the tool shelf or ecoupled-enabled work surface.

EcoUpled technology can be adaptive or integrated. This means that different devices from various brands that require different power requirements can share single resources. Imagine it, all your wireless tools, and cellphones, and computers, charged from the same charging surface, no matter what brand you have bought. Of course, we haven’t seen whether the manufacturer will limit this.

EcoUpled technology has been validated by standard organizations in 36 countries for safety, electromagnetic compatibility (noise) and other international performance criteria.