Commercial Financing Advice – commercial lenders to avoid


This commercial financing article will illustrate the importance of avoiding “commercial lender problems”. This article will not name a specific lender to avoid, but the main examples will be given to illustrate why wise commercial borrowers must be prepared to avoid various kinds of commercial lenders in decent commercial searches.

I have advised business owners for more than 25 years, and I have faced many commercial financing situations that have involved commercial lenders that I would not recommend as a result. This problematic situation mainly involves commercial mortgage loans, factoring credit card receivables and unsecured business loans. As a direct result of these experiences and everyday conversations with other commercial financing professionals, I actually believe that there are a number of commercial lenders to be avoided. This conclusion is usually based on more than one negative experience or a clear pattern of loan abuse.

I have published many articles designed to help commercial borrowers in avoiding commercial financing problems. One of the most serious commercial financing situations is a commercial lender that causes problems for their commercial borrowers repeatedly. It is mainly a type of commercial lender that must be prepared by a wise commercial borrower unless the commercial alternative financing option that is feasible is not realistic.

Here are some examples of why certain commercial lenders must be avoided.

Commercial financing and commercial lenders to avoid sample number 1 – yes or no?

I have published an article that discusses the tendency of many banks to say “yes” when they mean “no”. These banks will usually attach heavy commercial financing conditions for business loans instead of just subjecting loans. Business owners must explore other alternative business loans before receiving the term commercial financing that places it at competitive losses.

Commercial Financing and Commercial Lenders to Avoid Examples Number 2 – Commercial Assessment Process

For commercial real estate loans, commercial assessment is an unavoidable part of the commercial loan guarantee process. The process of commercial assessment is long and expensive, so avoiding commercial lenders who have shown a pattern of problems and violations in this area will benefit commercial borrowers by saving them both time and money.

Commercial Financing and Commercial Lenders to avoid sample number 3 – Thinking outside the bank

In smaller metropolitan markets, unusual for dominant commercial lenders to impose commercial financing requirements that are harder than those usually seen in the commercial loan market more competitive. The commercial lender routinely utilizes the lack of other commercial lenders in their local market. The right response by commercial borrowers is to look for non-bank commercial financing options. No need or wisely for commercial borrowers only depend on local traditional banks for commercial financing solutions. For most commercial loan situations, non-local and non-bank commercial lenders are likely to provide better commercial financing provisions because they are accustomed to competing aggressively with other commercial lenders.