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Ken Julian Explains the System of Thrift Store Shopping

In simple terms, thrift shopping refers to the process of going to shop at a garage sale, thrift store, or flea marketing, where gently used or second hand goods are sold at highly discounted rates. Ken Julian says that even though these items are used, they tend to be in a good enough shape to prove to be useful for a new owner. He further mentions that this system of shopping can be ideal for creative dressers who love to experiment with their personal style, as well as budget conscious...

Naturewise – What Benefits Can You Count on When You Use Supplements?

Our health is more important to us than ever before, especially given what we have seen in the last 18 months since the pandemic began. As the pandemic begins to wane we are going to continue this focus on our health and that is great news for everyone. Now when it comes to diet there are a lot of people who lack the knowledge required to ensure that their bodies get the right level of nutrition each day. There is a lot of help and support online which you can...

Underground Cellar – How to Identify Good Wine Stores

There is a great proliferation of wine today, however, not all of them share the same level of quality. Several factors like smell, taste, and packaging can be analyzed to tell the level of quality of any wine. Several wine stores exist today to make wine available for all those who love to partake in them. Just as it is important to be able to identify the good wines and the bad ones, it is also important to identify good, reputable wine stores. Although most big cities have these shops...

accessiBe Wants to Make Your Website More Accessible

As the digital world gets more invested in equality and equity, accessibility has become strongly required for all web services. Web accessibility has to do with building a web product in a way that makes it useful too, and usable by everyone. It especially considers those with special needs and how they will interact with the product, making certain that their disabilities and impairments won’t deprive them of the benefits the web product offers. Because no one is perfect, some accessibility best practices can often be overlooked by engineers and...

Robert Testagrossa – Newbie Mistakes To Avoid In Crypto Investments

So many of you have been writing into us with questions around your potential crypto investments. The bets thing that we can say about this to you guys is that we are not able to give any financial advice in this field, all actions are your own. With this being said however we can identify many mistakes which a lot of first time investors have made, to help you avoid scoring any own goals when you first begin investing. Experts like Robert Testagrossa have been vocal about the risks of...

Josh Melick – How a Sales Comp Plan Will Keep Your Sales Team Happy

Josh Melick has written a brilliant article recently about how sales companies can design a high quality and well structured sales com plan for their teams. Throughout the article Josh discusses the need to deliver on the plan, to structure it well for high selling team members and to set a clear floor which seller must pass in order to begin earning commissions. With this piece from Josh in mind, we want to talk a little today about exactly why these sales comp plans keep your sales team happy. This...
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