Dry cleaning of furniture: why it is better to order from professionals


It is believed that dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is necessary only when it is heavily soiled or stains have formed on the surface that cannot be removed by yourself. But this is not so, because scientists have long proven that harmful microorganisms can accumulate inside mattresses, sofas, armchairs and even pillows. Only a radical chemical wash can save them.

When is furniture cleaning required?

Upholstered furniture in the house creates comfort and coziness, without it it is impossible to imagine a house. But over time, a lot of harmful substances accumulate inside:

  • pathogenic microorganisms (mites, microbes, linen bugs);
  • dust and lint from animals that can cause allergies in humans;
  • remnants of human epithelium that enter the respiratory tract.

All this adversely affects health and can cause skin irritation, severe allergies. Therefore, it is essential to use professional furniture cleaning.

Also dry cleaning of furniture is required if the surface is heavily soiled. Removing such contaminants requires special equipment and chemicals that only professional companies have. Dry cleaning the sofa at home allows you to remove difficult dirt from the upholstery:

  • stains from juice, lemonade, coffee, fatty foods;
  • biological fluids (urine or vomit);
  • chemical contamination from decorative cosmetics (lipstick, nail polish, etc.) or from household mixtures (acrylic, oil dyes);
  • traces of felt-tip pens, markers, plasticine, glue, etc.

Also, the substances that are used in chemical treatment have a destructive effect on mold, fungus, and can eliminate unpleasant odors, so that your furniture will not only be clean, but also safe.

Therefore, it is better to entrust such work to professionals: as they say, “it will come out cheaper”, because out of ignorance and inability you can ruin the upholstery, and then you just have to throw it away.

Why choose professional furniture cleaning?

Removing stains and dealing with dirt on the surface of furniture is not an easy and tedious job. Cleaning furniture requires some effort and a considerable amount of time. What a simple person can do at home in 3-4 hours, a professional cleaner can do in an hour. At the same time, simple cleaning will not be able to properly remove stains and disinfect the surface, and the independent use of chemicals can cause irreparable harm and ruin the furniture upholstery. More information of professional furniture cleaning you can read follow the link https://hardrockcleaning.com/chicago/house-cleaning/furniture/.

Professional dry cleaning has many advantages over household dry cleaning:

  • Cleaning work is done at home. You can agree on the work with a cleaning company in advance and at a convenient time for you. At the same time, you can immediately plan your time and find out the full cost of the work. It is very comfortable.
  • You can order a dry cleaning service for only one piece of furniture, for example, a sofa, which will be inexpensive.
  • Those products that are used by professional companies are certified, have a natural structure and will not harm the health of humans and their pets: this is very important.
  • Cleaning companies have special equipment that allows you to clean upholstered furniture quickly, efficiently and almost silently. So you can safely go about your business while professionals put your furniture in order.
  • You can see and feel a noticeable effect and purity in a couple of hours and use the items for their intended purpose.

These arguments make it quite clear that it is better to have professional furniture dry cleaning than to do it yourself. So you can quickly return your furniture to its original appearance and pleasant aroma. So do not waste your time and energy, but immediately trust the professionals!

Author:- https://hardrockcleaning.com/