Essential Things You Need To Understand Before Visiting A Cannabis Dispensary


When cannabis is legalized in a state, marijuana smokers usually are excited and most star entering search queries like cannabis dispensaries near me on Google. Others even create vacations and travel hundreds of miles to get a taste of the legal weed that their home’s state hasn’t legalized.

However, to avoid being turned away from weed dispensaries when you go to buy this product, there are some things you need to know. This article discusses things you should consider before visiting a marijuana dispensary.

  1. Age

The states that legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes set an age limit for individuals who can buy its products. Most cannabis dispensaries sell marijuana products to people who’re 21 years old and above. If you’re visiting a retail shop for the first time, you may have to produce an ID to prove your age. It would also help if you had a valid driver’s license before going deeper into the store. You won’t be allowed into these premises if you don’t have these crucial documents.

  1. You May Encounter Good Or Bad Budtenders

Gaining access to a store doesn’t mean that you’ll get the right product you’re looking for. That’s why dispensaries have budtenders to answer your questions, show you different types of products, and give you recommendations. Good budtenders may resemble consultants. They’ll ask you vital questions that’ll direct you to a cannabis choice that suits your tastes and preferences.

However, bad budtenders resemble moody clerks at a convenience store. Such budtenders probably don’t know much about the products within the shop. That’s a consultant you don’t want to encounter because they’ll not help you select the right cannabis strain.

Fortunately, most dispensaries hire employees with training and experience in handling customers. This staff can help you gain the right knowledge about a product to help you make the right decision. Ensure that you ask as many questions as you can about the products to learn more about them.

You can tip budtenders who outdo their jobs and make your visit to the dispensary an exciting one. On the other hand, if you find budtenders who don’t understand what they’re selling or explaining, it would be better to find another dispensary before buying the product.

  1. Most Cannabis Dispensaries Accept Only Cash

Because of the illegality of cannabis at the federal level, many banks are reluctant to do business with cannabis companies because of fear that they may be accused and charged for money laundering. That’s why most dispensaries only accept cash payments. Only very few dispensaries have found how to go around the law, making it easy for them to accept credit card payments.

However, it would be best to understand the payment method of your closest dispensary before visiting it. But if you can’t find information about it, carry cash with you. You may have to carry a lot of money because the costs of weed in a dispensary are expensive than those of the black market due to additional excise and local taxes charged on all marijuana products.

Final Thought

Cannabis dispensaries are a safe place to buy cannabis products. However, you need to understand the laws that govern them to avoid making mistakes that may stop you from enjoying a positive experience in the dispensary.

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