Hot Tips Important – Cooking Healthy Chicken


You can try the tips below to cook your chicken healthy food recipes today. Remember that if you are healthy, you can always enjoy more food. Sick people don’t enjoy their lives. My doctor told my father not to eat meat, salt, sugar, fat, and many things. What kind of aesthetic life?

Cooking chicken is healthy simple, the two main points are home cooking and always choose lean. Healthy cooking tips for chicken are:

o Choose only cutting average. Cut the excess fat from meat.

o The skin can be removed before or after cooking. Skinning after cooking is much easier and adds flavor but you must always remember not to cook with fat.

o Bake broil grill fried steam or microwave your food. Hory in adding 200 extra calories and the famous trans fat.

o Use cooking spray and non stick pan to saute.

o Cool soup and stew and remove fat.

o Make gravies with fat-free broth, skim milk and corn flour.

o Onions, pepper and vegetables can be cooked in broth or use a bullion cube rather than sautéing fat

o Plan the color of food in advance for more tastes effects. Colors are also believed to be related in nutrients. More better

o Always make proportion of the right food. Vegetables twice as much as starch / seeds

o Add sharp and strong taste on food. This helps us eat with a little salt and sugar. You can use onions, pepper, chili, tabasco, soy sauce, cilantro, salsa, fruit juice, barbecue sauce, and more for it