How Bitcoin Hosting Differs From Other Web Hosting Services?


Bitcoin hosting is not your ordinary or usual hosting service in the sense that it offers many advantages and to some of which cannot be found in the usual web hosting service. It probably is one of the reasons why many people give it a try. In this article, we will discuss the top reasons you should consider switching from the usual hosting service to hosting with bitcoin.

Staying anonymous

Hacking and phishing are not new things. They have been the biggest problems online. Even with tough web hosting, they become a major concern. The thing with hosting with bitcoin is you get to transact anonymously. With this being said, you will not be putting your personal and financial information on the line. So, you get to protect your identity and financial information from hackers and phishers. It will add a sense of safety and security.

Anti-fraud system

Fraud is a cause for concern too. You probably have watched the news or read online people who become a victim of fraud. It wouldn’t happen with bitcoin hosting as all bitcoin transactions are secured by cryptography, the one used in the military. It ensures a top-notch level of protection. Fraud, in any way, cannot find its way in bitcoin hosting. The military=grade cryptography is enough to detect fraudulent activities.

No hidden fees

Payment exchange usually comes with transaction fees. Some are nominal fees, while others have hidden fees, which is a major turndown, especially if you want to get the best value for your money. However, through the use of bitcoin, you will get rid of the hidden fees and chargeback. Isn’t it amazing?

DDoS Protection

On top of it all, hosting with bitcoin comes with anti-DDoS protection services, something you cannot find with usual hosting providers.