How Parker Waichman law firm can help in mass tort litigation


When people face adverse situations, it is often confusing to them what is the right action that needs to be taken. Seeking legal advice is often not the first response. However, it has been proven in time that it is one of the most effective methods to sort complicated matters that might never seem like foul play initially.  Parker Waichman is a national law firm that is actively mass tort litigation for its customers. The firm is a leading firm in law practices.

About Parker Waichman

The Parker Waichman Law firm was founded by Jerrold S. Parker and Herbert L. Waichman. It is a leading law firm spread across the US. The firm operates through offices in cities like New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island-Nassau and Suffolk, New Jersey,  and Florida. The firm has a vast pool of experienced lawyers working tirelessly towards settlements for clients.

One of the major efforts put in by the firm is into Roundup Settlements. Apart from it the firm provides services in many law domains.

  • Accidents- car, trucks, motorcycle, etc
  • Negligence- Medical malpractice, Traumatic brain injury, wrongful deaths
  • Business litigation
  • Mass tort litigation
  • Defective Drugs
  • Class Actions
  • Product liability

And many more

The firm has several decades of experience in the handling of class action lawsuits and mass torts legal proceedings. To understand better here is a brief description of what mass litigation stands for and how the firm can come to aid.

What Is Mass Tort Litigation?

A mass tort is one that injures many different individuals through a single wrongful action. These wounded people can come together for their various injuries against only one defendant in a single mass-murder suit. The actions against giant defendants like product manufacturers and drug producers can make it much easier for plaintiffs to succeed.

Civil actions that aim at reducing the number of cases in the judicial system are mass tort lawsuits. There may be a mass tort lawsuit involving tens of thousands of claims. Courts have various tools in mass tort management, including class action and multidistrict lawsuits (MDL). These procedural instruments can make it easier for courts to manage cases.

The main difference between mass torts and class action is the treatment of large groups of plaintiffs in procedural terms. In cases of mass harm, the number of injured is sometimes less than in cases of larger class acts. Each plaintiff is treated as an individual with mass torts, even if they are a part of a large group. This means, for example, that certain facts, including anything that is individual to a particular complainant, and how the defendant’s activities have harmed him/her must be identified for each plaintiff.

Claims of a misdemeanor are usually made when consumers are seriously injured by a defective medication or defective products, which can lead to a wide range of problems for different people. As a result, not all cases fit into one class frequently. One attorney or group of attorneys in mass tort litigation represent in individual cases a number of injured claimants. However, an investigation carried out by one attorney may be shared between all cases. In addition, a national network of lawyers can bring together resources, information, and ideas to ensure that all the persons involved receive fair payments for their injury.

Why Parker Waichman?

The firm is dedicated to bringing justice to people. The expertise of their attorneys and compassion for their clients helps in achieving considerable compensation for client’s losses. The firm believes in working tirelessly towards the goal of achieving desired compensation for their clients. The team of their attorneys believes in delivering the best of the service in the industry.

In certain cases, the firm works on an emergency fee basis. So only a portion of the client’s award or jury award is collected fee. For the services of the best personal injury lawyer,the client’s need not pay anything out of the pocket. The firm sticks to the policy that if clients do not obtain compensation, they do not as well. This takes the load off of the clients who are in compromised financial standing and yet require legal intervention in their cases.

Another reason to seek the firm as the perfect choice for legal help is their experience. An attorney’s experience can be the most valuable thing to the client’s case. There is a good way to do things, an incorrect way of doing things, then the best way to do things. Any case’s best lawyer is the one who represents many customers with issues successfully to the desired verdict. It’s the lawyer who knows the best way to get the job done. The firm’s lawyers have years of experience in both state and federal injury cases. The skills, judgment, and experience of the lawyers at the firm are one of the best in the country.

Lawyers are known best by their own breed. The attorneys of the firm are not respected by the clients but also among their peers. The knowledge and confidence of the attorney speak of their competence to represent clients and receive settlements that exceed the expectations. Many reviewers have claimed it to be the best law firms. The firm enjoys appreciation from AVVO as well as Martindale-highest Hubbell’s peer review rating, a rating which is based for more than a century on feedback from judges and colleagues across the country. The top peer review rating for Lawdragon, “5 Dragons,” was received as well.


The firm ascertains that every detail of the client’s case is in good hands. When working with a client, the attorney’s ensure they get the best of the service. The firm’s lawyers build the case on the client’s behalf the strongest possible one and struggle hard to get the compensation they deserve.

This is evident from their results. Indeed, Parker Waichman is one of a very selected group of law firms that have recovered settlements and verdicts for their clients for over $2 billion. Not just litigation, right awareness is also a top priority for the firm.