Small business growth through outside insight


Many small businesses depend on internal personnel to produce ideas and procedures to grow a business. While internal people are very important for any business success, innovative business will look for ideas and input individuals outside the company to accelerate business growth.

Unfortunately, many business leaders fall into traps believe that business founders and other business personnel are best to identify all ideas related to business growth. In many situations, these business leaders fail to find (or ignore) input from people outside the company. However, people outside the daily operations of companies usually have different perspectives. They are not caught in systems, procedures, and other activities that dominate the lives of individuals working within the company. The people outside this look at business with fresh views and don’t bring them “luggage” collected by working in business.

I recently took this advice in my own business. I work with outside business strategists, who saw my existing business and gave me new ideas. Even though he didn’t know anything about my business before we started, he gave me a long list of good ideas to take my business to the next level. Being an outsider for my business, he didn’t realize the way my company’s internal work. Instead, he approached the system and the product I had done and questioned the system – and began asking if I had considered another approach to expand my business. He shared his experience with other companies where different business procedures were successfully implemented. I might not come with a lot of the proposed ideas, because I don’t have the same experience or the same background.

This applies to any business. Apart from the expertise of business leaders, there are always other people outside the company with various experiences and backgrounds. In addition, these outsiders are not disturbed by the way the company’s internal work. Instead, they can see business as something new and begin to question everything that is done business (or not do). Outsiders are not stuck in “This is how we always do syndrome”. Often, in a short time, individuals can suggest repairs that are the opposite will not be found by people who work “in” business.

If you are looking for a new way to speed up your business, consider getting a new perspective from someone outside your business.