Sneaker Shopping 101: Tips And Tricks For Finding The Best Deals


Sneaker shopping is a hobby that can cost you a pretty penny. However, it’s not impossible to save money on sneakers.

The key is knowing how to shop smart. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the best deals on sneakers. This includes finding shoes that will accommodate your orthotics.

1. Look for Coupons

Shoes can add up quickly, especially when you’re talking about coveted collaborations or classic silhouettes that never go out of style. While the latest sneakers aren’t likely to end up on sale anytime soon, you can save some cash by tweaking your shopping habits.

One of the best ways to save money on sneakers is by regularly checking online retailers’ clearance sections. Sites like Ssense and Dover Street Market offer a constant stream of new releases, but also feature a strong selection of past seasons’ styles that often end up on clearance. Likewise, the renowned Miami sneaker stores have a knack for finding unique footwear at prices well below retail.

You can also find great deals on sneakers by entering giveaways or raffles that many brands or retailers hold. These contests are typically done through Instagram or Twitter, and can offer up anything from fresh Yeezys to box-fresh basketball sneakers.

2. Check Online Resellers

Sneaker reselling is one of the most lucrative hustles around. But it’s not without its dark sides. There are plenty of shady sellers out there who will try to dupe you out of your money for fake shoes. Fortunately, you can avoid these bad deals by doing your research. Using tools like size conversion calculators can help you ensure that the shoes you buy fit properly. Also, be sure to trust your intuition. If something feels fishy, you’re probably right.

If you’re looking to score rare sneakers, online resellers like StockX are a good option. These sites are popular among collectors because they offer a guaranteed authentic sneaker for the price of shipping and a seller fee.

In addition, you can also check out online sneaker boutiques in other countries. These retailers are often provided with different stock items than American sellers. For example, the UK-based Ssense regularly carries new releases that don’t appear in their American stores.

3. Check Your Local Retailers

Sneaker collecting is a massive industry and there are a variety of ways to score a pair that you’ve been eyeing. Online resellers are one option that gives you the ability to get your hands on some of the most in-demand sneakers but this route comes with a price tag that can eat up a large portion of your budget.

Alternatively, try your local retailers to see what they have in store. Oftentimes they have different colorways that aren’t available online or you may be able to find some classic kicks that never go out of style.

When it comes to shoe shopping, always trust your own comfort level and don’t be afraid to take a walk around the store and see what feels right. You can also ask the sales person to have your feet measured to ensure you’re getting the best fit. When your shoes start to feel uncomfortable, you’ll know it and you should be looking for a new pair.

4. Check the Brand’s Website

While many online retailers offer sale sections, the brands themselves are often the best place to look for deals. Shoes like the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse and Adidas Ultra Boost can be found at discounts of up to 70 percent on their website. This is especially true if you check in often or sign up for their email list.

Sneaker boutiques like Bodega and Ssense are also known for having solid sale sections. The key is to be patient, as their shoes tend to go fast. They follow the same staggered sale rollout as other premium retailers, meaning that they’re not always available when you want them.

StockX, a site that compares prices across multiple online resellers, allows you to filter for products that are selling below retail. While it’s not as broad as eBay, it is a good resource for finding bargains on sneakers, apparel, electronics and collectibles. In addition, there are cashback apps that can amplify your savings on your next shoe purchase.