accessiBe Wants to Make Your Website More Accessible


As the digital world gets more invested in equality and equity, accessibility has become strongly required for all web services. Web accessibility has to do with building a web product in a way that makes it useful too, and usable by everyone. It especially considers those with special needs and how they will interact with the product, making certain that their disabilities and impairments won’t deprive them of the benefits the web product offers.

Because no one is perfect, some accessibility best practices can often be overlooked by engineers and designers. But, to make up for that, accessibility AI technologies have been introduced. These AI-powered programs can crawl websites and improve their accessibility features, keeping the product’s accessibility standard in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

accessiBe uses an AI-powered service (SaaS) to achieve this. Their state-of-the-art AI technology is affordable and automated, and therefore cheaper and faster than a manual process. They also have a WordPress plugin that can make your WordPress websites more accessible.

According to statistics, about 20% of the world’s population live with disabilities. And they deserve to, despite their impairments, enjoy the fullness of products like everyone else. Building products that prioritize accessibility will ensure that special needs persons are not denied access to any service. It’s also a good thing for the product owner, as more users will be signed up for the service.

Most Common Disabilities Considered in accessiBe

Visual Impairment: Considers users with all kinds of eye problems: partial or total blindness, color blindness, etc.

Hearing Impairment: Considers users with a partial or total loss of hearing.

Cognitive Disabilities: Considers users with developmental learning or intellectual disabilities.

Motor Disabilities: Considers users with a partial or total loss of motor functions.

To give people with disabilities access to a product, features like color modification, voice control, screen-reader, text-translate, resizable text, among others are incorporated in the design and building of the product. The good thing with building accessible products is this: it benefits everyone. More improvement will be expected in subsequent updates no doubt, however, the present service it provides is commendable.