Underground Cellar – How to Identify Good Wine Stores


There is a great proliferation of wine today, however, not all of them share the same level of quality. Several factors like smell, taste, and packaging can be analyzed to tell the level of quality of any wine. Several wine stores exist today to make wine available for all those who love to partake in them.

Just as it is important to be able to identify the good wines and the bad ones, it is also important to identify good, reputable wine stores. Although most big cities have these shops in abundance, it is quite easy for the subpar ones to blend in and portray themselves as “great wine stores”.

It is important to note that wine stores aren’t just physical or land-based anymore, there are now online stores like the Underground Cellar and Fenn Valley whose e-commerce websites make it easier for wine lovers to buy wine. That said, certain tips can be used to identify good wine stores, they include:

Organization and Ambience

The way wine racks are arranged in a wine store says a lot about that store. For instance, you can immediately tell that it is a bad store if the wine racks are positioned in areas that get exposed to sunlight or if the bottles are dusty. Sunlight damages wine, while the presence of dust signals negligence. Therefore, a store that is worth its salt will refrain from doing that.

In addition, wine stores that are serious about their craft sometimes put in some creative effort to make their stores themed.

Wine Collection

One of the major qualities of a good wine store lies in its ability to showcase rare, lesser-known but delicious wines from historic regions instead of just stacking up on the most popular brands. A good wine store has a well-balanced collection of wine from a wide range of production locations.

Digital Presence

Wine racks are not the only things that need to be organized for a wine store to qualify as a good one. In this technological age, where people make purchases online as much as they do in person, good wine stores make it a point to have a strong online presence.

A large part of that lies in a user-friendly and well-structured website as well as efficient digital marketing operations.