Plan your long-distance move


What are your first reactions when you get to know that you have to make a long-distance move, to pursue your dreams or goals? The thought itself sure brings a smile on your face. With this happiness come the hassle related to packing your belongings and shifting. As you are planning to shift hundreds or thousand miles away from, there are many critical things you need to keep in mind and plan. To make the process of shifting smooth and hassle-free, it is always wise to hire one of the good long distance moving companies.

A long-distance move is not a good time to put your DIY skills to test. The stakes are high and the cost of move is also high. Therefore, the best way to prepare for making this long-distance move is to hire a reputed, trustworthy, and affordable company.

A quick guide to planning a long-distance move

Are you wondering if there is a way to make your move easy? Our guide will help you sail through and have a pleasant experience:

  1. Start planning well ahead in time: It is easy to get tempted to put off the planning till the last minute. But the earlier you begin, the lesser pressure you will feel through the process. Proper planning will help you avoid last minute problems.
  2. Create a detailed schedule: Treat your move as a project and create a detailed project plan and then adhere to it. This schedule will help you prioritize the important tasks and hence plan accordingly.
  3. Selected a reputed long distance moving company: Compare quotes from some well-known and reputed companies. Look for a company which is licensed and insured. Don’t select a company basis solely the price they ask for.
  4. Declutter: When you start planning, you will have time to declutter. Don’t pack what you will not need. This will also help you save shipping cost, as this cost is based on the volume.
  5. Organize your belongings: Unpacking will be much easier if you organize your stuff in the boxes and not just through it in the boxes. A useful trick is to number each box such that the number corresponds with your inventory list.
  6. Sort out paperwork and utilities: You must double check the paperwork required like visa, driver’s license and custom declarations. Also, ensure all your utilities are setup before you arrive in the new country.

Simple steps to choosing a reliable long-distance mover

Choosing a good long distance moving company is not an easy task and requires you to put in time and effort. But, choosing the right company will reward you at the end. Follow these simple steps to make the right choice:

  • Determine what are the services that you need: Before you begin, decide and list down all the moving services that you need. Do you need packing services? Do you heavy items like a piano or heavy furniture?
  • Plan the stuff that you will need to move: Plan the items that you will need to move, this will help you estimate the exact expense you will have to bear.
  • Get recommendations from friends and family: Ask your acquaintances who may have recently used the services of a moving company. This will help you get some real feedback.
  • Get multiple quotes: Ask for quotes from companies who you think can handle your requirements. Compare prices, including the fixed costs and additional costs, level of services they offer and terms and conditions of service.
  • Get an on-site survey: Once you shortlisted some companies, ask them to do an in-home assessment so that they can give you the most appropriate quote.
  • Ask some essential questions: Ask about the company’s license and insurance, training that the crew has, equipment they have in their kitty, storage facility, cancellation policy.

These easy steps will help you choose a reliable and trustworthy company so that you have a seamless moving experience.